Developed by offshore experts for an optimal user experience

Operational GIS view

A clear view of all your assets and operations over multiple farms? The geospatial view lets the operator interact live with the movement of people and vehicles.

Collaboration with all stakeholders

Designed to be accessible to all teams and contractors across multiple wind farm sites, Offshare challenges all users to contribute.


Each user manages his own data. He can upload and request access using the built-in inductions and training module. That reduces the administration overhead.

Asset operations

The asset overview combines both live (SCADA) information with the actual work planning and tracking of people.

Digital maintenance planning

From registration of notifications to creating inspection checklists and recurring work activities, Offshare makes your entire maintenance planning digital.


The wind turbine performance module lets you investigate downtime and categorize and assign it correctly.

Data integration

The Offshare data platform is built around a BigData engine capable of processing large volumes of (real-time) data.

Customizable dashboards

Offshare allows you to configure as many dashboards as needed and to define with whom you want to share them.