Did someone
say data?

Yes, it’s everywhere, right under your nose. Hidden in various systems and software, shattered and diffused.

In offshore, everyone is used to working on their own highly specialized piece of the puzzle, that makes the bigger picture hard to see sometimes.

What if we told you that it’s possible to increase the efficiency of offshore projects exponentially? For your data to be useful, though, it needs to be complete, structured and shared. You need optimized and centralized data processes.

In other words, it’s time for a new way of working in offshore projects. Time to manage projects with shared and unified data in a structured, centralized way. Shared activities, interfaces and insights, shared charts and processes. That’s how measurable progress is achieved and how risks are mitigated.

Time to start thinking forward as one.

by e-BO Enterprises

Expertise and knowhow
in offshore

Throughout the years, e-BO Enterprises has developed extensive expertise in the field of offshore networking. We design, develop and maintain the communication systems of wind farms at sea. Moreover, our team has the required GWO certificates to manage that IT infrastructure. Your wind farm is in good hands.

e-BO Enterprises

Inspiring and supporting you to complete your IT challenges through the most advanced solutions and services. That’s what e-BO Enterprises has been doing for over 20 years. We optimize your daily IT operations to build trust in your core business.

You can rely on an experienced and future-oriented enterprise that will develop a solution adapted to your needs. With our technological knowhow and transparent prices, you can always be sure of an approach entirely corresponding to your enterprise and business activities.