One platform for every
business activity in your
offshore wind farm


Operations are getting more complex and require strict planning and efficient collaboration. Offshare helps operators with the necessary tools to create their day to day central dashboards. It gives them a common operational (GIS supported) view which maps activities, resources (persons, vehicles,…) and all relevant asset information geographically as well as per farm and asset in the asset overview.
Activities like tracking of resources during transfers, issuing permits, following-up planned activities and supervising SCADA, weather,… data are at the operator’s fingertips and can also be shared with your contractors across multiple sites.
  • One tool for all operations
  • Geographical (GIS) supported
  • Adapted to your business processes (BPMN based)
  • Better and efficient follow-up through integration of all involved activities
  • Accessible to all parties involved, across multi-sites/farms and organizations

Marine Coordination

Directing and managing the constant traffic of helicopters, drones and vessels on a wind farm is a complex and delicate procedure. Offshare makes this easier to manage through intelligent planning and monitoring. Use the powerful planning feature to arrange approval of site access based on maintenance activities and automatically check for required inductions and certifications, including medical data. People are tracked live and in case of emergencies this is lifesaving information for marine rescue centres and port authorities. In short: Offshare gives you complete control of your offshore project’s high-level and daily operations.
  • Planning/approval of transfers and site visits
  • Manage location and vessel transfers
  • Record information in one central control room.
  • Automatic data exchange and integration with port authorities
  • Track people in real time
  • Track helicopters, drones and vessels in real time
  • Secure your mission-critical infrastructure

Resource Management

Offshore projects entail many resources and complex structures of partners and contractors. Offshare’s built-in organization model cannot only cope with this in a highly flexible manner. It also puts the resource responsible and owner in control by offering self-registration and full control over his data (with respect to GDPR) as well as informing him when information and resources are missing or due to expire. Additional modules like (online) training/certification, HR planning and resource management (PPE’s/Tools/…) can be tailored and added easily.
    • Easy to use via self-registration
    • Updates via automatic notifications
    • Flexible organizational model for sharing resources
    • Built-in extra modules like online training, certification & HR
    • Inventory management (PPEs/Tools…)

Asset management

From registration to following up on incidents and maintenance schedules, Offshare makes your operations safer and more efficient. The asset management module is built on standards such as RDS-PP and integrates with other operational tools (like permit to work, isolations, availability,…).
Its flexibility and workflow processes enable a high level of collaboration and digitalization from the detection through the planning and execution phase. Extend it with a module for checklists and inspections and Offshare becomes an even more essential tool for building a full track record of your assets and their performance.
  • Manage incidents and maintenance schedules
  • Build and manage your checklists and inspections
  • Safe and more efficient operations
  • Build a complete track record

Asset performance

Monitor your asset/farm output and detect abnormal operations and deviations by reviewing under-performance and downtime and verify it with your operational contracts. Combine the performance information together with SCADA events and alarms and operational information (based on activities). Register and share planned unavailability in advance with all stakeholders.
  • Manage downtime (time/energy based)
  • Configurable rule-set and categorizations
  • Integrate SCADA events and alarms
  • Register and publish unavailability


Collect all your data in one platform and structure it to get the most insight and value out of it. Offshare offers not only a wide set of industry standard interfaces like OPC or IEC based. It also offers an ecosystem to integrate partner applications. The out of the box available build-in API’s can further be used to exchange data in a secure and efficient way to any party you want.
    • Handle large volumes of (real-time) data
    • Open (secure) API
    • Customizable integration (wide set of industry standard interfaces)
    • Eco-system (partner applications)

Inventory management

The inventory modules are purpose-built and allow PPE, tools, spare parts and other materials to be registered from the warehouse to the person and/or job to whom they will be issued/used. Logistics processes such as digital (remote) signing, tagging (NFC) and tracking are also supported. This is not just useful for follow-up and certification purposes. Since Offshare can be incorporated within the asset operations, it also keeps track of exactly where materials are being issued and used so it can be used as a basis for cost allocation.
  • Purpose-built modules (integrated)
  • Digital (remote) signing and registration
  • Follow-up and tagging/tracking of materials (NFC/BLE based)
  • Registrations during on-site maintenance


Offshare makes notification and incident registration easier and lets all parties involved contribute and take an active part in the follow-up and prevention. This not only reduces administration overheads. It also provides accurate and up-to-date reporting and stimulates all stakeholders to be part of a safer workplace.
  • Easy incident registration and task handling
  • Access to all parties involved
  • Reduced administration
  • BI integration (reporting)