Thinking forward as one

Let’s talk about your data

It’s out there, just floating around the offshore sector, in bits and pieces. We know there’s a better way to collect that data, and use it.

Introducing Offshare: a new form of offshore collaboration that connects people, data and processes on a secure and centralized software platform. Efficient processes, valuable insights and minimized risk, all by working together with every party involved. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Let’s start thinking forward as one.

one platform
for every
business activity
in your
offshore wind farm

  • Operations

    Forget tool overload. With Offshare you combine a centralized common view of all your operations and assets with the necessary insights. You can also share this view with your contractors and work across multiple sites, fully digital.

  • Marine Coordination

    Your offshore wind farm is a piece of mission-critical infrastructure, with helicopters, drones and vessels coming and going during construction, operations and maintenance. You need to create a safe and secure environment through precise planning and monitoring of traffic & crew. Offshare ensures your wind energy operations are kept safe and efficient through all this activity in one common operational platform, including PTWs, work orders, planning, and maintenance.

  • Resource Management

    Working together with your partners and contractors and sharing resources requires an elaborate and flexible collaboration model. Offshare allows self-registration and management with respect to GDPR and access and control of your own data.

  • Asset Management

    Safer and more efficient operations, with Offshare you can take care of everything with just one tool: from checklists/inspections to registration and follow-up on incidents and maintenance schedules.

  • Asset Performance

    Make your assets operate efficiently, manage their events, alarms and availability to stay informed about any deviation.

  • Data
    Collect all your data on one platform and structure it to get the most insight and value out of it. Use the built-in API’s to enrich data and to exchange data in a secure and efficient way to any party you want.
  • Inventory Management

    Follow up on your inventory and keep track of where materials are being used. The Offshare inventory modules are purpose-built and allow PPE’s, tools and materials to be used and assigned during maintenance jobs.


    A safer workplace, accurate reporting and less administration: Offshare makes notification and incident registration easy for all parties involved and increases the completeness of the required information & actions.

Developed by offshore experts
for an optimal user experience
Operational GIS view

The geospatial view offers a live track on all your assets and operations over multiple farms. It combines operational asset status and environmental information together with various layers of additional information like interest/work zones, AIS, ADS-B, radar, CCTV, bathometry,…

It not only allows the operator to live interact with the movement of people and vehicles. It will also help him to detect abnormal situations as well as keep a track record with replay mode for further investigation.

Collaboration with all stakeholders

Offshare was designed from the start to be accessible to all teams and contractors across multiple wind farm sites. Whether you need to register resources to request access to a site or you need to know the asset production or (live) meteo info,…

By also opening the operational processes, all contributors are challenged to interact with them and upload their feedback, as well as follow-up using the built-in notifications and task management.


This feature reduces administration overhead and allows each user to manage his own data. He can upload and request access using the built-in inductions and training module.

Users manage their personal data and who has access to their profile.

They get notified when documents or assigned materials are about to expire and are able to sign receipt and return of goods.

Asset operations

The asset overview combines both live (SCADA) information with the actual work planning and tracking of people.

Its widgets offer, both on individual as well as on farm level, a view on the asset performance and allow the operator to respond to alarms and events.

The built-in alarm handling engine allows further automation and responses to be configured in the system and give an overview of all system alarms which require operator attention.

Digital maintenance planning

From registration of notifications to creating inspection checklists and recurring work activities, Offshare makes your entire maintenance planning digital and lets it interact with data (e.g. alarms, isolations,…) as well as permits to work.

The permit to work module combines the planned work with the required (high risk) operations and checks that all safety related required documents and training are met.


The wind turbine performance module lets you investigate downtime and categorize and assign it correctly.

By combining the forecasted availability and (planned) maintenance activities with the SCADA alarm/events the operator gets a complete picture.

Data integration

Combining all your data in one platform makes it not only future proof, it also makes it possible to further enrich it and properly structure it.

The Offshare data platform is built around a Big Data engine capable of processing large volumes of (real-time) data. The API framework is not only flexible to adapt to third-party systems for data intake. It also offers a secure interface to the owner in which he has full control over the data he wants to expose to third parties.

Customizable dashboards

Share your data. Whether it’s operational information or real-time time series, Offshare allows you to configure as many dashboards as needed and to define with whom you want to share them.

We also provide a framework to integrate with your (existing) BI tools for further reporting purposes.


Track your wind farm from your pocket, at your desk or on the go. Thanks to the Offshare app you can check your dashboard whenever you want and wherever you are. This allows you to get notified on issues and to respond to them quickly.

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